Areas and Localities of Ayodhya

Ayodhya LocalitiesThe holy city of Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh is located on the banks of River Ghaghara. The areas and localities in this temple town are very popular. The localities in the temple city are Theri Bazar, Ram Katha Park, Kandharpur, Tulsi Nagar, Rani Bazar Colony, Karsewakpuram, Sai Nagar, New Colony, Ram Nagar, Professor’s colony, Kajiyana, Police Line, Rano Pali, Kami Ganj, Makha Pur, Jiyan Pur, Harikarapure and Ranopali village. All these localities are well-connected in terms of roadways, to assist travelers and tourists in the city.

Theri Bazar is an important pilgrim locality in the city. Theri Bazar forms its boundary with Ghaghara and it is very close to Naya Ghat which is a very popular place of worship in the city. Also, Ram ki Paidi water stream flows within the locality which is also another popular religious place of interest in Theri Bazar as bathing at Naya Ghat and Ram ki Paidi is considered holy. The famous Sri Nageshwarnath temple is located on the banks of Ram ki paidi. Chowk Ayodhya road forms its boundary with Theri bazaar and gets linked with UP SH 9 which after crossing Ghaghara River first touches Ayodhya at Theri Bazar. UP SH 9 separates Theri Bazar from Ram Katha Park locality.

The Ram Katha Park lies adjacent to Theri Bazar locality; Ram Katha Park is very popular for its evergreen park. This locality lies very close to the Ghaghara River and Ram Ki Paidi. The NH 28 and UP SH 9 form the boundary of Ram Katha Park. Ayodhya bus station also operates from here; Janki Mahal and Hotel Ramprasatha are very popular landmarks here. The Kandhapur locality lies close to Ghagra River canal and Jhinki Ghat. The important Nirmochan Chauraha road junction is located here. The Tulsi Nagar locality of Ayodhya is very popular for its Vibhishan Kund, Tulsi Park and the Park Kanak Bhawan. The other popular landmarks in the city are Bank of Baroda, Ayodhya Post office, Ayodhya Phaco centre, Union bank of India, Vishnu computers and mobile towers. Popular temples of Tulsi Nagar are Chhoti Devkali Mandir and Kanank Bhavan mandhir. Tulsi Nagar forms its border with Chowk Ayodhya road.

The Rani Bazar colony on the Chowk Ayodhya road is very famous for Kanchi Shankaracharya Mutt. Karsewakpuram locality forms its boundary with NH 28 and UP SH 9; also it lies very close to Ram Ki paidi. The Sai Nagar locality is popular for the renowned Ram Janmabhoomi, Babri Masjid, Hanuman Garhi, Dashrath Mahal and Vasistha Kund. The New colony locality next to Sai Nagar near Chowk Ayodhya Road homes Dant Dhawan Kund, Swaminarayan Mandhir and two big ponds. The Dant Dhawan Kund-Ahirana Marg runs through the city. Ram Nagar is a small locality that lies below New Colony and it is very close to Chowk Ayodhya road. The Kajiyana and the Police line localities lies near Chowk Ayodhya Road.

The Kani Ganj locality of Ayodhya is very popular for its Sita Kund and Vidhya Kund also the Ayodhya railway station is located here. The Rano Pali locality on Chowk Ayodhya road is close to Ghagra River Canal and it homes the Allahabad bank. The Kosi Parikrama road runs through the Rano Pali locality. The Makha Pur below Rano Pali forms its boundary with the Kosi Parikrama road, Chowk Ayodhya Road and Panckosi Orbiting Path on its three sides and its homes the Oriental Bank of Commerce. The Jiyan Nagar locality lies on the Panckosi Orbiting Path. The Harikarapure locality lies on the UP SH 9 highways.
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